What our clients tell us about their success

In the following, we share feedback from our clients from recent years.

For privacy reasons, the statements have been anonymised.

Many things have indeed changed since then – above all, I am happy with myself and my life.

Dear mpc team

I was very pleased to receive your congratulations on my birthday! Thank you for thinking of me!

The photo with the view into the valley in Punto Verde reminds me of my concept days, of course – and I think of them very fondly!

Many things have indeed changed since then; above all, I am happy with myself and my life, can enjoy without a guilty conscience, indulge in many things that would have been unthinkable before. Above all, I know that I am only responsible for myself and not for the whole troop. What a liberating feeling!

Yes, and then once again a big thank you to the three of you for your work! I am very happy that you exist and that we were able to meet.

Best regards

C.L. Pharmacist (retired), Switzerland

I am deeply grateful, touched and humbled by my development

Dear Mr Schmidt,

Thank you very much for your kind wishes.

Today is a special day as it reminds me strongly of where I was a year ago (in Piedmont 🙂 ) and how my life is today. I am deeply grateful, touched and humbled by my development, new experiences and excited about what is to come.

I feel free and on my way. I am very grateful that you accompany me!

Best wishes from a 3-day bike tour with light luggage through Central Switzerland 

V.V. Entrepreneur, Zurich, Switzerland

I have come out of powerlessness and now stand in my own strength

Dear mpk team,

1.5 years of concept work have passed and so much has happened. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sincere, empathic and intensive guidance. Through you I have faced my family history in full honesty, worked through the traumas and recognised my imprints that have always prevented me from living my life. In the 1.5 years I realised that no depth is too difficult for me and there is nothing I cannot overcome. I have come out of powerlessness and now stand in my own power. I have recognised my worth and am now going my way. I face the torrent of my life with courage, confidence and strength. With full energy I now go on into my free, happy and beautiful life. I look forward to my future and everything I will continue to create out of my life.

I have deep gratitude for your work and am infinitely grateful that you exist.


N.W., Diploma in Social Pedagogy and Diploma in Social Work, Aargau, Switzerland

I am so grateful and feel so incredibly good and free

Dear Mr Schmidt, Dear Ms Sinnwell, Dear Mr Stoll,

From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for your terrific support over the past years. I thank you for every push and kick and every loving hint. I am so grateful and feel so incredibly good and free, as I haven’t for a long time and you have accompanied me on this path with patience and trust. I am looking forward to finally really getting started and using my energy for my goals. Whatever may come in the future, I have confidence that it will be for me and really good.

You are a great team and the concept work is simply a gift that should benefit everyone who wants to live their life, free and self-determined.


F.P., Psychologist with focus on Public Health & User Experience, Stuttgart, Germany

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to look inside myself!

Dear Mr Schmidt, Dear Mrs Sinnwell, Dear Mr Stoll,


Thank you to all three of you for this wonderful opportunity to look inside myself and discover all that is wonderful in me. Grandiose does not begin to describe it!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help, your encouragement, your relentless confidence, your patience and your boundless trust in my unlimited abilities, gifts and potential.

I know there is still a long way to go, but it is already so much more powerful, courageous and self-confident than before I met my past.

Here and now it is just right for me, I am happy and content. I am exactly right the way I am. That alone is my best decision. I am in loving and humble gratitude for everything and so glad that you exist!!!

Warmest regards
S.W., entrepreneur, Brandenburg, Germany

By far the best decision of my life

Dear my personal concept team,

Now the official last ET of my concept work is over, a few tears were shed during the short virtual farewell. Tears of deep gratitude and joy, perhaps also a tiny hint of melancholy. Letting go and saying goodbye also means moving on and growing. That’s why I wanted to write you a few lines.

When I came to you two years ago, I was on the verge of losing my footing. Through your work and the cooperation with you, I have managed to realign my life. I was able to learn to love myself, to trust myself and to have the courage to take responsibility for my unique life. Through this joint work, I finally managed to feel myself again. I was able to reconnect with myself, I was able to relive all the old pain and then finally let go – be free. I am simply happy.

I know that it will not be the last time we have seen each other and I know that you are still there. And yet I just feel the need to share how very grateful I am. I am grateful for your appreciation, honest words, your companionship, your open nature and your open ears.

One thing is clear, it has been by far the best decision of my life to do this concept work, to decide for my life and to take responsibility myself. I know that it is a lifelong process and I am happy because I am no longer afraid – deep inside I know that I already have everything within me, that I am complete and perfect – and that it is now my task to continue this journey to myself.

Thank you for giving me the key and the necessary tools to open this door to my life and to follow my path to freedom.

I wish you a restful evening and a wonderful time in Portugal – only yesterday morning during my meditation I had the feeling of being in the seminar house in Sao Teotonio and felt this energy from there.

I look forward to seeing you again in the summer and send you my warmest regards.

Yours, L.S. Zurich
International Project Management with focus on Leadership in Healthcare and Health Education

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