Sven Schmidt

Born 1977, married, German-French roots

my expertise

Accompanying entrepreneurs, leaders and self-employed people in start-up, development and change situations. My clients develop an individual life vision that is aligned with their personal desires and values and can be practically implemented.

my experience

For more than 20 years I worked successfully in the online and entertainment industry in management and was a freelance corporate and entrepreneurial companion in an international context. My many years of experience in accompanying young people, people in start-ups, both in the founding and in the ongoing operation, have matured in me the realization that it is primarily the personal factors, in addition to the business management, that contribute to lasting success.

my solutions and approach

The human being with all his gifts, talents and abilities is the focus of my work. My clients learn that they themselves are the key to successful and sustainable change, both internally and externally, and that they therefore have everything within themselves to implement their personal life vision in their daily lives. The focus of my accompaniment is the self-knowledge of the person about being free to decide about his life and his life goal. My clients learn to see themselves in their entirety with all their potentials and develop the courage to develop a vision that is coherent and life-affirming for them. They use this courage to change what has been holding them back in their lives, and then set about successfully realizing their life goals with ease and joy. When people begin to live the life they have always wanted to live, I am in my element.

my qualifications

Experience in leadership, responsibility and vision development in European and international companies. In these companies I was able to bring my experience from the medical, digital and corporate environment, my creativity, empathy and structured approach in finding solutions and achieving goals. Supervision of companies in transition and upheaval situations, potential analyses and transition to new business models. Developer of long-term programs for talent and potential development, which puts the individual in the center of attention and enables him to align himself and his company with his life goals in order to successfully harmonize personal and professional fulfillment.

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