Lucky, isn’t it?


The French philosopher Voltaire once humorously put it in a nutshell: „I have decided to be happy because it is very beneficial to health“.

Can it be that simple? Or do I need happiness to be happy?

Or am I lucky because I am happy and content?

More and more people are becoming aware that their happiness does not come from the outside. Rather, it is an inner state that you can very well influence yourself. I myself decide whether the glass is half empty or half full.

Reflecting on our happiness, feeling it, perceiving it, being grateful for it makes us happy. To make myself aware of what I can be grateful for, what I have inside me, what I see, feel and sense.

When I really feel gratitude, what I am grateful for grows. If I make my happiness dependent on something I think I need in order to finally be happy, it will not come. Because: „it never comes to the one who needs it“.

Take time for these questions:


Try to be as concrete as possible and you will get more of it.

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