Don’t believe everything you think!


Being driven

I have to, I should, that’s what people do, that’s expected, there’s no other way, I have to go through with it…

If one of these thoughts often dominates you, it is likely that you have an inner driver inside you. A voice that chases you through your life, doesn’t allow you any peace and quiet, and is never satisfied with what you have right now.

It always needs something else to be really good and satisfied with yourself.

It is as if this voice is always holding a carrot in front of our nose – but we never reach it.

What to do?

Don’t believe everything you think!

One thing is certain: it doesn’t stop by itself!

But: you are not at its mercy either.

Unless you believe everything you think.

It is your life

and you are the decision-maker! You decide for yourself who you want to follow and who you will follow.

It only works when you stop paying attention to that inner driver.

Don’t suppress it either, but perceive it, recognise that it is something old and let it go.

For this it is important to look closely and write down what has driven you up to now.

What do you live for? What is really important to you?

What is really of value?

Live your own values more and stay in the here and now.

You can achieve this by consistently no longer following the old behaviour patterns.

Replace them step by step with your own goals and values.

Decide consciously what you think and live – It is worth it!

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